Mette Sillesen – Futurist, speaker, writer, and adviser

Mette has been engaged with future studies since 2012, where she got on board the Future Navigator spaceship. Since then, Mette has worked with a broad range of companies and sectors and has held numerous talks, workshops, and courses on future trends and future-based innovation.

In 2017 Mette went solo and founded the company High Touch, which specializes in “high touch” as the antidote to “high tech”, i.e. lifestyle, culture, values, relations, spirituality, etc. – and how these areas are influenced by technology. In April 2018, Mette did a TEDx Talk on humanness and spirituality in a “high tech” time.

Mette is the author of Happy Soul (The Guidebook & The Journal), which is a methodology and a journal on how to live a soulful life – and thereby becoming both authentically happy and future-proof.

As part of Mette’s research, she hosts the podcast Ånd ind, where she talks with experts and other passionate people about topics relating to spirituality and the future.

Mette is eager to rethink society and believes that the full human spectrum of aliveness is needed in order to change the way we lead, learn and do business. Hence, her life purpose is to live and align with her soul in all that she does and inspire and empower other people to do the same, thereby making the world a more authentic, tolerant, passioned and loving place.

Mette holds a master degree in Cand.Soc/Mangement of Creative Business Processes from Copenhagen Business School.

Mette is born in 1983. She is based in Copenhagen but partly lives the digital nomad lifestyle. 

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