Baasam Younes

What is spirituality? – with Bassam Younes

We are in Ubud, Bali. The place of EAT, PRAY, LOVE and are having never-ending talks on spirituality. This podcast is one of them. It is a broad and at the same time concrete introduction to spirituality. It opens with an introduction to Bassam Younes and his life as a nomad and ends with ready-to-use tools on how to tap into your spiritual self and practice spirituality in your everyday life.

I hope it will inspire you and connect you with your ‘beyondness’ (of mind and body) – maybe just a little bit 😊

Bassam Younes is a man of divine wisdom and, fortunately, is passionated about sharing it too. So, for your own sake – and if your are interested in spirituality, “follow” Bassam on his digital pathway:

Bassam Younes – Website / blog

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